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COLT 100

Introducing our new line of Luxury Aircraft.

The Colt 100 from Texas Aircraft


Visit the only
East Coast Dealer at CGE

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Call Ted Bryant at:



Colt 100-S and SL version

Performance Specifications*:

Engine Type: 100 Horse Power Rotax 912 ULS

Maximum Cruise Speed: 118 KTAS*

Cruise Speed at 75% power: 105 KTAS*

Stall Speed - 0° Flaps (Vs): 44 KIAS

Stall Speed - 30° Full Flaps (Vso): 38 KIAS

Fuel Economy (at 75% power): 4.9 US gal/h

Takeoff Distance (ground roll): 565 ft (168 m)

Landing Distance (ground roll): 285 ft (87 m)

Climb Rate: 760 ft/minute

Service Ceiling: 14,500 feet

Gross weight: 1,320 lbs (600 kg)

Empty weight: 851 lbs (386 kg)*


* Empty Weight may vary according to optional equipment installed.

All data is subject to change without notice.

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